Once I decided to become a designer I started to think what it is important to show any potential clients. One of the highlighted recommendations is the process of creating a brand. So this blog is intended to do so.

Planing Process

Color is everything for me. I believe that they represent many of my feelings and moods thought what I see around me.

I start by placing what color can represent what section of what I am trying to show. Once I figured them out I narrow the options and select the necessary ones.

The passion

For my personal process, I have decided to focus on a fruit that speaks who I am.

Passion fruit has many elements of the things I like and I identify with it in many ways. Color has to do a lot with it as well.

A color palette finally sets up the colors of the website and the brand. A color palette defines the Hex code, CMTK, RGB essentials for printing materials and for universal use of the colors of the brand.

Setting up Fonts

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